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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Joseph ParkerJoseph Parker
Beginner to first time pass in 35hrs
You couldn't ask for a better instructor than Phil. He's very sensible and patient, and very good at helping you drive safely and confidently. The LD system is is great! The workbook and video are very thorough. It's also useful to learn what you should be doing at the same time as trying it in practice. highly recommended.

Nervous learner passed 1st time with only 30hrs tuition
The LDC workbook was a great method of reflection whilst allowing for a way to communicate with your instructor in a way that is clear for both of you to understand where your progress is at. My instructor made a great effort to keep me at ease whilst keeping me focused. The teaching methods used were effective and enabled me to pass confidently and in good time. For these reasons I would thoroughly recommend my instructor.

Well deserved first time pass and only 15hrs tuition. A real pleasure to work with you. All the best for your future and good luck with the racing
Very nice bloke, relaxed me throughout the few weeks to ensure good results. The LDC skills book sped the process up with constant revising throughout.

Hannah Mary Hannah Mary
Well deserved pass with 30hrs tuition. As you would say "that wasn't too shabby was it"

My instructor was amazing, he gave me all the support and confidence I needed to pass my test. I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson I had with Philip because he was very encouraging and trusting which helped my confidence when behind the wheel. Would 100% recommend him as a driving instructor, all the book and DVDs were very helpful and gave me more knowledge that I could use in my lessons.

Josh PitaJosh Pita
Passed 1st Time
Phil was very helpful and successful in teaching me to become a safe and cautious driver. Throughout each lesson he reassured me when i doubted myself and stayed calm whenever i made a mistake. The LD system is such a quick way to learn, without the workbook and DVD i would never have passed my theory and practical first time. I would recommend any learners to get in touch with Phil.